Double Glazing

Double Glazing it is a way of creating doors, a window in which is made of two glasses. The air between glass layers is forming the isolation layer. Glasses are sealed to guarantee the moisture not to get inside. Double glazed patio doors are made by this principle.

More than a half of warmth leaves your apartment through the windows with just one glass. Double glazing will stop the loss of temperature. The cost of double glazed windows and doors will pay itself by lowering your electricity and heating payments. Double glazed windows and doors are also safe for the environment. Besides that, these doors will improve the noise isolation of your apartment.

The other advantage that may convince you to buy these windows is safety. Because the most common way to break into the building is through the door or the window. And you will need to apply a huge effort to break double glazed window.

The manufacturer offers quite a few designs, materials, colors and paintings of double glazed windows and doors.