How to choose a French door

No matter what kind of door will you need, you want it to have panoramic view and lots of light.

Door manufacturers say that 10 feet doors will become a widespread because of the ability of flooding rooms with light. French doors are also called a "french windows" because they are made of big amount of glass and fill the room with the sunlight.

Now, French doors can be double, folding, sliding or hidden. Traditional transparent glass can be inserted into the French door, but you can also decorate it by painted or decorative glass. The most expensive, elite French doors often have glasses with beveled or sandblasted pattern.

Exterior doors that lead to the French courtyard were in vogue for many years and still remain. Traditionally, these French doors consist of two wooden frames and glass panels between them. These type of French doors have a panoramic view, so that the person sitting inside the house, was able to enjoy the view without leaving the house.

When used inside the house French doors give your room a cozy, airy feel by making a visual bridge between two rooms. In some cases, the French doors may be bolted to act as an internal walls.

French doors are a bit more expensive than other types of doors, but it is a wise investment. French doors tend to increase the cost of your home because of their appearance. However, french doors can be very dangerous if you live in hurricane winds area. In this case, you should install the shutters.